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Pole Setter - EZ SPOT UR - Extreme

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Key Features

  • The Extreme Pole Setter attaches to a large excavator or wheel loader.  Requires a bolt-on mount specific to the brand and model of the wheel loader or excavator you want to use it on.
  • Attachment weighs 3,000 pounds not including the bolt-on mount.
  • Rotates 115° to the operators left.
  • Can handle poles up to 100 feet in length and up to 10,000 lbs in weight with an appropriately rated machine.
  • Maximum opening of jaws is 26 inches.
  • Minimum opening of jaws is 13 inches.
  • Inserts are available for smaller objects.
  • The jaws are rubber lined to prevent damage to the pole.
  • As a stand-alone unit, it employs two large cylinders on the base to rotate the tool-head and provide stability and precision.

Equipment Specifications

  • The clamping is activated by two 4" x 8" clamp cylinders with check valves* to ensure safety in case a hydraulic line breaks.
  • Each clamp cylinder has a breakout force of 37,699 lbs.
  • The two jaws operate independently and close in sequence for safety and security.
  • Comes standard with rubber lining in the jaws to protect the pole and allow use on any type of pole.
  • Comes complete with hoses, flush faced couplers, spring hose mount and wiring harness.

*Clamp will not open if a line breaks with the check valves on the clamp cylinders.

Product Description and Applications

The EZ Spot UR Extreme Pole Setter is a beast that is capable of pulling and setting poles or pipes weighing up to 10,000 lbs. The Extreme Pole Setter is made to be attached to large excavators or large wheel loaders and easily sets large transmission poles with its 115° rotation.  The Extreme Pole Setter also has an optional hand tamper circuit to allow a line-crew to tamp a pole without the need for another hydraulic line.  The Extreme Pole Setter comes standard with jaws meant to handle larger transmission poles or pipes, but inserts may be purchases from EZ-Spot-UR, Inc. to handle smaller distribution poles.



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