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Wallenstein - LXG430RP

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360° Hydraulic Rotator

When you need to load, transport and stack logs smoothly and quickly at the sawmill, look no further than Wallenstein’s Skidsteer log grapples.  Mounted directly to your skidsteer, these heavy-duty grapples give you total control from inside the cab to pick up and move logs with incredible agility.

Sale Type
Clamp Force
21000 lbs (9525 kg)
Total Weight
1444 lbs (655 kg)
Lift Capacity
4500 lbs (2041 kg)
Push Bar Width
19" (48 cm)
Engine HP Range
70 - 100
Extendable Boom
24" (61 cm)
Grapple Opening
3" - 72" (8 cm - 182 cm)
Mounting System
Universal Skidsteer Quick Attach Plate
Grapple Rotation
Winch Rope Length
100' (30 m)
Dimensions (LxWxH)
67" x 76" x 70" (171 cm x 193 cm x 178 cm)
Rotator/Pivot Rating
9000 lbs (4082 kg)
Winch Pulling Capacity
9000 lbs (4082 kg)
Recommended Hydraulic Flow
10 gpm (38 lpm)

https://www.wallensteinequipment.com/file.aspx?id=4c8667c5-076c-4cc4-b47b-1fe86b00af45&h=230&w=230 360° Hydraulic Rotation

Pick up logs in any position and orient them exactly where you want.

Wallenstein LXG430RP Bypass Grapples

Grapple tines interlink as tight as 3” (7.5 cm), ensuring easy handling of smaller logs and branches.

https://www.wallensteinequipment.com/file.aspx?id=49479d53-0d29-44e9-aed1-5b63e0860ae8&h=230&w=230 Cantilever Cradle

Leverage and secure your load with the serrated cradle when lifting logs in-line.

Choose Your Colour Wallenstein LXG430RP

With Wallenstein you have a choice. Products are available in seven solid colors and Realtree EDGE™camouflage. $250 price premium for Realtree EDGE™ camouflage.

https://www.wallensteinequipment.com/file.aspx?id=a3d723c3-19a7-4487-b037-cc3cbfc0bdc3&h=230&w=230 Extendible Boom

Gain additional reach capacity by extending the boom.

Wallenstein LXG430RP Hydraulic Warn Winch

Plenty of winching power at your disposal to help retrieve stubborn logs.

Push Bar

Control what is happening in front of you by forcing trees to fall away from your tractor or skidsteer.