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HLA Snow Wing 5205W Series

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HLA SNOWWING 5205 - Maximum machine operating weight 40,000 lbs.

 Open from box blade to straight blade and get that extra clearing width on the fly. But it doesn't stop there: The endplates are hydraulically-controlled and equipped with industry-proven rotary actuators, giving limitless control within the massive 180° rotation. This means you can use your blade on an angle with one end open and the other parallel to the direction you are driving. Get closer to buildings and parking stones without risking damage. Then rotate the endplates into a reverse box blade and drag the snow away for full clearing in the tightest of spaces.

• Double Electric Selector Valve. Allows the control of each
wing to be operated independently. 12V or 24V coils available.
Includes in-cab mount electro-hydraulic harness kit.
• 9’ to 16’ Main mouldboard widths
• Maximum clearing width 10’ wider than main mouldboard width
• Minimum road transport width approx. 9” narrower than main
mouldboard width
• Wings 60” deep/wide
• 42” high mouldboard
• 35° angle on main mouldboard
• Relief valve on main angle cylinders
• Q-tach or direct fit to accept most makes of loaders
• Replaceable, Reversible steel cutting edge
• Replaceable, Reversible rubber cutting edge
(OPTIONAL - Currently not available on wings)
• Spring trip cutting edge on main mouldboard
• High tensile AR400 Skid Shoes
• Lateral float
• Relief valve on wings
• Floating edge on endplate
• Infinite wing adjustment from 0° - 180°
• Actuator has 54,200 in. lb. Torque at 3,000 PSI - Patented
• Tire Protection System - Patented
• Nitrate rods on angle cylinders
• Great for large sites where greater clearing width is required
while being able to narrow down for smaller areas
• Comes with removable top sections on wings to allow for
clearance under 5th wheel pins on trailers
• 2 Year Commercial Warranty
• Available in Edge Flex models
5205W Series
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HLA Snow
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