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Chippers - 3 Point Mount - Self Feed - BXs Series

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At the heart of the Wallenstein BX Chipper is an oversize heavy duty rotor and reversible chipping blades. The large diameter rotor has a faster tip speed for improved chipping action and the heavy gauge steel keeps your momentum to power through 6” diameter tree trunks.
Three Row  Spike Drag Harrow
Three Row  Spike Drag Harrow
The reversible blades are precision cut tool steel and hardened, keeping a sharp cutting edge and maximizing the performance of the chipper.
Three Row  Spike Drag Harrow
Air Vents
Blowing force is maximized with air intake vents on the side of the chipper. Air enters through the vents and powers the chips out the chute up to 20 feet.
Three Row  Spike Drag Harrow
Twig Breaker Blower Paddles
Behind the blades are blower paddles with integrated twig breakers designed for greater output force and smaller chips exiting the machine. This provides more consistent chip size and allows you to propel the chips further.
Three Row  Spike Drag Harrow
Adjustable Chute
Easily control where you want the chips with the double adjustable Exit Chute. The chute swivels 360 degrees and the top deflector adjusts the distance.
Three Row  Spike Drag Harrow
Self-feeding Hopper
The self-feed hopper is designed to angle the brush against the rotor and blades, pulling the branches into the chipper.
Model Name BX 36S BX 52S BX 72S BX 102S
Drive System Direct Drive  PTO w/ shearbolt Direct drive, PTO w/ shearbolt Direct drive, PTO w/ shearbolt Direct drive,PTO w/ shearbolt
HP requirements for max. cap. 25-30 40-45 65-75 90-120
HP Range 12-30 18-50 35-100 60-150
Chipper Capacity 3.5” Dia. 5" Dia. (max. 10" slab). 7" Dia. (max. 12" slab) 10" dia. (15" slab)
Chipper Housing Opening 3.5” x 9” 5" x 10" 7" x 12" 10" X 15"
Rotor Size 25"” 24.75” 28"  36”
Number of Rotor Knives 4 4 4 4
Knife Type Hardened tool steel Hardened tool steel Hardened tool steel Hardened tool steel
Rotor Weight 96 lbs 125 lbs 174 lbs. 400 lbs
Feeding System Feed Self Feed Self Feed Self Feed Self Feed
Mounting System 3 Point Hitch 3 Point Hitch 3 Point Hitch 3 Point Hitch Cat II
Dimensions (Hopper Folded) 55”L x 46”W x 60”H 43"L x 55"W x 66"H 64" x70" x82" 71' x 71" x 89"
Hopper Opening 12½” x 11½” 20" x 20" 7" x 12" 10" x 15"
Discharge Hood Rotation 270° 270° 270° 270°
Discharge Hood Height 60" 66" 82" 89"
Rated RPM 540-1000 540-1000 540-1000 540-1000
Weight 395 lbs. 505 lbs. 728 lbs. 1143 lbs.
BXs series Chippers
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