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Earth Auger - Tractor - Premier

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When you need   m edium-duty or heavy-duty eart h augers that can be used with tractors, you can count on getting the best of either – and the most affordable – from Premier.

Our medium-duty augers, besides being priced right, are designed and engineered for tractor applications where a true industrial-grade auger may not be necessary.
When you do need industrial strength, though, you’ll find our heavy-duty models ideal. We build them to tackle the toughest jobs and still hold up for decades.
What's more...
  • We offer mounts that are offset to the right for greater operator visibility
  • Our units are safer than 3-point PTO operated auger system
  • Unlike PTO, Premier augers can be reversed if they get stuck
  • Because they are mounted on the loader end of the tractor, downward pressure can be applied to get through tougher drilling conditions, making it an ideal post hole digger
  • Available mounting brackets include: Universal Skid Steer, Global, Global II, John Deere 400 & 500, John Deere 600 & 700, John Deere H Series, as well as bolt-on bucket mounts and custom built mounts
  • Available output shafts come in 2” hexagon and 2-9/16” round
Note that the chart below references our standard attachment systems. If your equipment requires something different, Premier can design, engineer, and manufacture custom tractor earth auger solutions to meet your needs.
Model GPM Range Max Recommended
Auger Diameter
Max Hydraulic
MD06PD 5-10 12” 3500 Medium Duty
MD09PD* 7-14 18” 3500 Medium Duty
MD12PD* 8-17 24” 3500 Medium Duty
MD14PD 10-20 30” 3500 HEAVY DUTY
MD18PD 15-30 36" 3500 HEAVY DUTY
*represents the most common units installed on tractor s
Included in our lineup of auger bits for tractors are …
  • Medium-duty single-flight - when a highly economical solution is preferred
  • Medium-duty double-flight bits - which are standard
  • Heavy-duty double-flight bits, - just the thing for tough applications calling for a more aggressive product
We also offer specialty augers, including tree augers that have a two-diameter bit design, letting you dig the tapered holes best for tree planting … and carbide bullet-tooth rock augers with hard-faced wear parts, a heavy-duty center tube, and thicker flighting.
Here’s something about the flighting on all Premier augers we think you’ll really appreciate: For greater strength and stability, we fully weld the flighting to the center tube instead of stitch-welding it in the manner of some competitors.
Premier tractor earth auger systems also offer...
  • a stock standard overall length of 4 feet
  • custom solutions including 3-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot augers built specifically for you
  • connecting collars in 2-inch round, 2-9/16 inch round, and 2-inch hexagon designs
  • the assurance that we'll always have the auger parts and components you need in stock


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