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Digging Buckets

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Digging Buckets       

3 to 82 tons

Geith - Heavy Duty

Fittings are designed exactly to match your excavator

Robust Design

Diamond folded top section for greater structural strength

Deep profile for high capacity.

Grading buckets available with bolt on cutting edge.

Overlapping plate reduces stresses in critical areas.

Dual Radius shape increases heel clearance



   Rock Buckets


All bucket components are 400 BHN or higher

Diamond folded section wear plate provides extra strength and wear protection

Cutting edge using 500BHN and GET options for increased strength reinforcements in critical areas for maximum durability

Bottom wear straps using 400BHN to increase wear resistance

Extra high side plate give higher strength and wear resistance in high wear areas

4 reinforcing gussets are used to strengthen up machine fittings

3 Levels of wear protection available for more extreme application including internal wear straps, additional wear blocks (700 BHN) and side and blade shrouds.

Woods Buckets

Woods buckets are designed for easy material flow when loading and unloading the bucket.
The simplified bridge design offers superior strength and rigidity with internal struts and the back side of the ears attached to the double thickness bridge / moldboard overlap.
Corner gussets provide strength and rigidity to the upper corners of the bucket with minimal interference to material flow.
Front corners of the buckets feature a unique interlocking welded joint between the cutting edge and replaceable side cutter insert.
Side cutter insert and cutting edge are notched to provide a larger, stronger, and more rigid attaching joint. 
Heavier design than most OEM standard buckets. For use in soils containing low percentages of rock, loam and sand.


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