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Box Rotator - Fixed Sidearm

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Fixed Sidearm MODEL - K53-I

• Rotator with a rotation angle of 180° (left rotation as standard).

• Extremely open construction for optimal visibility.

• High quality tipping shaft with sleeve bearing.

• Available with adaptor plates for front end loader and skidsteer.

• Fixed sidearm.

• Fixed tine adjustable in width.

• Adapter frame for skid steer and front loader. Available Models:

K53a-I: Max. load of 5511 lbs., Class II 16" carrier height, 6.3" thick, 5.15" centre of gravity,14" high side tine*, 39.4" carrier width K53c-I: Max. load of 7716 lbs., Class III 20" carrier height, 6.7" thick, 5.2" centre of gravity, 18" high side tine*, 47.25" carrier width

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