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Snowblowers - Dual Auger - MK Martin

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Meteor 3PH Snow Blowers
M.K. Martin's Meteor series snowblowers are built to get your work off the ground with durable performance and high-capacity design. With a range of models from 12 HP compact tractors to 125 HP farm tractors available, nothing moves snow more than being hit by a Meteor.
http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpg3 Point Hitch / Quick Attach Compatible

All models are built standard with 3 point hitches in Category 1 or Category 2, and are completely compatible with Quick Attach.
Chute Deflector

Discharge chute deflectors are available in manual or hydraulic (opt).

http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpg       http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpg

Hydraulic                                       Manual

http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpgHigh Tensile Steel Ribbon Flighting

To make sure you get the longest dependable service from your blower all Meteors have the highest quality High Tensile Steel Ribbon flighting on the auger providing strength to move the snow to the fan.
http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpg1000 RPM PTO Kit

Available on the 97 and 108 models, a kit is available to allow larger tractors to run at 1000 RPM PTO. The 1000 RPM Kit also raises t5he input shaft to allow the PTO shaft to run at a lesser angle on larger tractors increasing the efficiency and life of the driveline components.
http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpgGear Box

The heart of Meteor's power train is the time-proven Comer gearbox.

Chute Rotator

Meteor Snow Blowers chute rotators come in manual (crank) , hydraulic (orbital motor), and electric.

http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/meteorfeatures/rotator_electric.png    http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/meteorfeatures/rotator_hydraulic.png    http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/meteorfeatures/rotator_manual.png

  Electric           Hydraulic             Manual

Multi Hinged Deflector http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpg

Meteor's Multi Hinged Deflector provides you with finer control over where your snow is blown. Available for 75" and larger snowblowers.
Five Blade Fan http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpg

The Meteor five blade fan is ruggedly designed and built to quickly and consistently blow the snow out of the chute.
Skid Shoes http://mkmartin.ca/images/products/Snow/Classic/3ph_blower.jpg

Adjustable skid shoes protect your surface and your blower.
Models SB87D SB97D SB108D SB120D
Opt. 1000 RPM - YES YES YES
Cutting Width 87" 97" 108" 120"
Cutting Edge 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 6* 1/2 x 6* 1/2 x 6*
Tube 3-1/2" OD 4-1/2" OD HEAVY WALL 4-1/2" OD HEAVY WALL 4-1/2" OD HEAVY WALL
Flighting 1/4 x 2-1/4 5/16 x 2-1/4 5/16 x 2-1/4 1/2 x 3
Auger Diam. 15" (x2) 19" (x1) 15" (x1) 19" (x1) 15" (x1) 23" (x1) 15" (x1)
HP (Rec.) 60 HP 100 HP 125 HP 200 HP
Roller Chain #60 Heavy #80 #80 #100
3PH Mount CAT. 2 CAT. 2 & 3 CAT. 2 & 3 CAT. 2 & 3
Chute Rotation (Man/Hyd) Opt/Opt NA/Std NA/Std NA/Std
Chute Diam. 12" 13" 13" 13"
Main Body Height 36" 43" 43" 47"
Chute Deflector (Man/Hyd) Std/Opt Std/Opt Std/Opt Std/Opt
Fan Diam. 27" 32" 32" 36"
Fan Depth 10" 12" 12" 12"
Auger Drive Shaft 1-1/4" 1-3/4" 1-3/4" 1-3/4"
Fan Output Shaft 40 mm 2" 2" 2-1/2"
Weight (LBS.) 1,161 1,900 1,980 3,010


Meteor Snowblowers Dual Auger
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M.K. Martin