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Quick Couplers - Geith

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Get the best Quick Coupler on the market today.

Geith Quick Couplers are recognized for their safety, reliability and performance and comply with applicable international standards and regulations.

  • Front & Rear Safety Lock
  • Safe Release Curl to Open
  • Lighter but Durable
  • Save 25% of Operational time
  • Low Maintainence


  • Front locking clasp retains attachment in case of improper attachment connection.
  • Rear sliding hook retains attachment rear pin in case of hydraulic cylinder failure.
  • Geith patented “curl to release” control system provides for safe attachment engagement and release.
  • Powerful spring activated safety lock works in severe and dirty environments unlike gravity type systems.
  • Our simple and compact design has no grease points, less parts which means less maintenance, less downtime and more productivity.
  • Manufactured using high strength steel to increase durability while optimizing weight to maximize excavator performance.
  • Variable pin center design allows you to easily pick up and change a wide range of OEM attachments.
  • Ability to reverse buckets to allow the operator to excavate against walls and under pipes.
  • Easily upgrade from mechanical to hydraulic quick couplers. TI
  • A Geith Quick Coupler can save you upto 25% of total machine operating time compared to direct mount.
  • Operator can change attachment from the comfort and security of the cab.
  • A more compact design means improved tip radius which increases breakout force.
Aftersales & Parts
  • Full support of components
  • At Geith, we understand that easy maintenance and servicing of couplers is important to our customers. Therefore, we focus our design on making parts more accessible which keeps maintenance time to a minimum.
  • We carry an extensive range of coupler replacement parts and can ship overnight to minimize downtime.
  • We provide custom engineered hydraulic kits with step by step instructions reducing installation time to a minimum.
Using the Geith Quick Coupler
  • 1: Hook to bucket pin 
  • 2: Crowd (Curl) the bucket cylinder
  • 3: Front locking clasp closes around front pin
  • 4: Rear sliding hook locks rear pin


Quick Coupler
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