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Premier manufactures both medium duty and heavy duty high flow earth auger attachments for use with tractor loader backhoes. All units are industrial strength, engineered to handle the higher hydraulic operating pressures of today’s backhoes while holding up to years of use. No third drain line is required for any of our augers. Our high torque drive units work in even the toughest digging conditions. Available output shafts are 2” hexagon and 2-1/2” hexagon. We build mounting brackets for augers to work with pin-on buckets, OEM quick couplers, after market couplers and custom mounting brackets. Our mounts include the cradle function which holds the drive unit and auger bit secure when moving the machine.
Model GPM Range Max Recommended
Auger Diameter
Max Hydraulic
Digging Torque Application
H045PD 25-45 48” 4500 5798 ft/lbs Medium Duty
H055PD* 30-50 48” 4500 7325 ft/lbs Medium Duty
H065PD 30-60 48” 3500 9156 ft/lbs HEAVY DUTY
H075PD* 30-60 48” 4500 12,790 ft/lbs HEAVY DUTY
H085PD 30-60 48” 3500 12,539 ft/lbs HEAVY DUTY
H095PD* 30-60 48” 4500 17,941 ft/lbs HEAVY DUTY

*represents the most commonly installed backhoe augers for backhoes

Only standard auger models for backhoes are listed in the table above. If you don’t see what you need and require a custom auger for a backhoe, Premier can work with you to fit the best possible auger system to your application.
Premier manufactures an assortment of auger bits from which to choose depending upon the job at hand and the quality desired. Our stock standards are:
  • Medium duty double flight, standard type auger with 4’ overall length
  • Heavy duty double flight auger for tougher conditions that call for a more aggressive bit, overall length is 4’
  • Heavy duty utility style bits for use with high torque auger systems, 5’ and 9’ overall length
Rock augers with carbide bullet tooth, hard-faced wear parts, a heavy duty center tube and thicker flighting are also available. Premier also manufactures custom augers and custom continuous flight augers to meet customer specifications. Flighting on all Premier augers is fully welded to the center tube, not stitch-welded like some of our competitors. Connecting collars are available in 2-9/16” round, 2” hexagon, 2-1/2” hexagon, 2-5/8” hexagon, 3” hexagon and 3” square.



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