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Premier manufactures both medium duty and heavy duty earth auger attachments for use with mini skid steer loaders. Medium duty units are cost-effective and engineered for situations when a true industrial grade product isn’t necessary. Our heavy duty units are designed to hold up over years of use when an industrial strength auger is required. Mounts are available to fit today’s mini skid steer and mini track loaders. We offer full range swivel which allows the auger to hang plumb to the ground. Output shafts are available in 2” hexagon and 2-9/16” round.
Model GPM Range Max Recommended
Auger Diameter
Max Hydraulic
MS09* 7-14 18” 3500 Medium Duty
MS12 8-17 24” 3500 Medium Duty
MS14* 10-20 30” 3500 HEAVY Duty
MS18 15-30 36” 3500 HEAVY DUTY

*Indicates the most popular units used with mini skid steer loaders and mini compact track loaders

The models and options detailed in the table above represent the most commonly purchased mini excavator auger attachment styles.If what is shown does not suit your application, Premier does offer custom auger attachments to pair with your equipment.
Premier manufactures an assortment of auger bits from which to choose depending upon the job at hand and the quality desired.
  • Medium duty single flight, the most economical solution/li>
  • Medium duty double flight, standard style auger
  • Heavy duty double flight, a more aggressive bit for tougher conditions
Specialty bits include tree augers with a two diameter design that produce a tapered hole for tree planting. Rock augers with carbide bullet tooth, hard-faced wear parts, a heavy duty center tube and thicker flighting are also available. Flighting on all Premier augers is fully welded to the center tube, not stitch welded like some of our competitors. Our stock standard for mini skid steer auger bits is 42” overall length. Connecting collars are available in 2” round, 2-9/16” round, 2” hexagon and 2-1/2” hexagon.



Mini Skid Steer Loader Augers
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