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Snow Pusher - Extendable - 12,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. - Cotech

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Extendable snow plow, 8 to 14 feet

Recommended equipment

12 000 lbs - 20 000 lbs 125-200 HP

Our series of Extendable plows have grown in popularity every year thanks to their incredible versatility.

These plows open and close hydraulically to allow you to drive down the road safely and legally as well as fit in between tight places.

You can adjust their width on the fly and two section trip system makes sure to keep your machine and the driveway safe from damage.

Ideal for commercial applications these plows save time and leave your customers with cleaner lots.

A lateral float option allows the plow to contour to the ground and A 3 point hitch system is also available.

This model has ten total compression springs, 2 on each extension, 6 on the main frame and uses a 3/4 x 8 " reversible carbon steel cutting edge. Each of the compression springs has adjustable tension to allow you to customize it to your liking.

The bolt-on industrial grade anti-shock wings allow you make quick work of any repairs if needed and the dual hydraulic opening mechanism and flow divider assure a smooth movement of the extensions.

The extensions ride on teflon tracks to maintain simultaneous operation while the 39” high curved moldboard has be optimized for forward momentum and designed to minimize unintentional lift.

Ten inch extensions can be added at anytime for added capacity.


Item #

Max. Outside Width 

Min. Outside Width




 Release height of trip mechanism


Inside Moldboard Height



Weight (Without Brackets)

EXTDEC8-14 169" 101"    8" 39" 3100 lbs


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