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Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter - Farm King

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The new Farm King 1530 rotary cutter is designed for the toughest cutting jobs in heavy, thick grass and weeds. With a class-leading 7" blade overlap for a thorough cut and a working range of +/- 25°, this machine is ideal for cutting deep grassy ditches and trenches.
The decks on this heavy-duty cutter, designed by Farm King from the ground up, are manufactured using 7 gauge steel. A deck protection ring minimizes stress on the deck while the stump jumper protects the mower deck and allows the assembly to glide over uneven terrain. The streamline deck design maintains strength and prevents buildup. Standard equipment such as a single chain guard attached to the entire deck limits the possibility of flying debris.
The suspension on the Farm King 1530 individually isolates each wheel assembly from the machine, reducing road vibration and terrain roughness. This provides a smoother ride and reduces shock stress on the frame, axle and driveline.
Heat-Treated Blades
Each blade is heat-treated to enhance rigidity, while the heavy-duty gearbox is designed to be rugged and durable. The access panel located on the deck makes it easy to inspect, clean or replace the blades if necessary. The blades also have an industry-leading 7" overlap to make sure you get the best cut the first time.
Cutting Width & Transport
The Farm King 1530 features an 186" cutting width in the working position and folds to only 96" for transport.
Optional Equipment
Several options are available to enhance the Farm King 1530 to properly suit the needs of your land including light kits, double axle and either laminated or aircraft tires.
                       Model                                                    1530
Manufacturing Heavy-duty / Commercial
Width, working 186 in (4.7 m)
Width, overall 194 in (4.9 m)
Width, transport 96 in (2.4 m)
Height, transport 92 in (2.3 m)
Working range +/- 25°
Cutting height 2 to 15 in (51 to 381 mm)
Weight 5900 lb (2676 kg)
Tongue weight 2100 lb (953 kg)
Tractor hp requirement, min. 65 hp
Gearbox speed 540 RPM 1000 RPM
Wing blade tip speed 16,481 ft/min (5023 m/min) 16,737 ft/min (5101 m/min)
Center blade tip speed 16,197 ft/min (4937 m/min) 15,802 ft/min (4816 m/min)
Blade overlap 7 in (177 mm)
Blade 0.5 x 4, Uplift
Stump jumper Symmetric die pressed (7 Ga.)
Deck material thickness 0.179 in (7 Ga) (4.5 mm)
Side skirt thickness 0.25 in (6.4 mm)
Side skirt Reversible and replaceable
Suspension Independent rubber-isolated wheel assemblies
Hitch Double swivel clevis hitch
Tires (6 in or 8 in.): 24 x 7.7 x 10 aircraft tires (air filled) or 21 in. laminated wheels (solid rubber)







Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter
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Farm King