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The SIMA mixer bucket is the ideal equipment for producing concrete in a practical way and for transporting it wherever needed. The mixture is produced quickly and maintained in the best conditions: it takes just 3 minutes to mix the components perfectly. Our range includes buckets with capacities from 100 litres up to 2000 litres.
The SIMA mixer buckets are applicable to any type of earthmoving machine: skid loader, backhoe loader, wheel loader, telescopic lift, excavator and tractor with front loader.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT. In the standard version, each model is equipped with a Danfoss hydraulic motor, Hardox 500 wear-resistant steel mixing propellers, hot-dip galvanised grid with bag breaker, Bosch Rexroth device for opening the drain, hydraulic hoseselectrical connection kit for attaching it to the machine and rubber spiral drain hose.

OPTIONAL. To improve the performance of the mixer bucket and make the concrete production more practical, SIMA offers several options such as, for example, the grid with hydraulic or gas spring opening, double bottom made of Hardox 500 Tuf wear-resistant steelpressure regulating valves and SIMA System multi-attachment system to increase the possibilities of use.
In order to optimise our products as much as possible (during heavy duty use or for special applications), we carry out customisations at the customer’s specific request.

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