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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are Shaw Bros. products manufactured?
A. 100% of our products are manufactured in North America. Approximately 60% are made in Canada and 40% in the United States.


Q. Do your products come with a warranty?
A. All of our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty from 1 to 5 years.


Q. Does Shaw Bros. supply parts?
A. Yes we supply parts for all of our products and can expedite delivery if required.


Q. Can I get parts from Shaw Bros. if I purchased my equipment from another dealer?
A. Yes. We support the customers of other dealers as long as your equipment is from one of our manufacturers.


Q. Are your prices negotiable?
A. Unlike most equipment dealers Shaw Bros. leads with our best price. This price is usually lower than the competition’s price. By doing it this way our customers can be sure that they will receive a quality product at an excellent price. 

This not only avoids time consuming haggling but our customers know that they paid the same price as the customer that came before them and they know the next customer will receive the same price as well. We feel this is fair for everyone and we feel it is the way business should be done everywhere.

We can apply some discounts to bulk purchases.